Joe Mallens Breed Standard

Joe Mallens Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed standard his ideal

Taken from Joe Mallens notebook. Apparently Joe favoured bigger dogs.

General appearance: He should be of great strength, muscular and agile (don’t forget that!) He should be a smooth coated dog.

Head and skull: Broad skull very pronounced cheek muscles, distinct stop. Foreface not too short, should show a bit of the terrier. Black nose, eyes dark.

Mouth: The incisors of the bottom jaw should fit closely inside the incisors of the top jaw. Lips should be light, not like a spaniel.

Neck: muscular and as hard as rubber.

Legs: set rather wide apart, well-boned.

Body: well-sprung ribs and thin at the loins, no Fat Belly

Hindquarters: should be well muscled, hocks let down with stifled well bent.

Legs: should be parallel when viewed from behind.

Tail: should be thin and of medium length.

Colour: brindle and white, red, fawn, white.

Weight: dogs 28 to 38 lbs., bitches 24 to 34 lbs. Now the dogs in my day were from 36 to 40 lbs.

Height: I like a dog 17 inces to 18 inches.