Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dangers


It is common knowledge that cats like to eat grass but dogs do this too. Puppies in particular could try to eat plants and it could happen occasionally. If this does happen, take your dog to the vet with a sample of what he has eaten as he will know the best course of action.


Young dogs like to bite all sorts of things including wires from lamps, the computer or other electrical appliances which can be found everywhere around the house. Try to hide these as much as possible or protect the cables.


These contain toxic substances which are hazardous for dogs. Do not let your dog walk over floors that have just been cleaned with detergents and do not spray them with detergents. Floors will need cleaning regularly if you have pets and if the dog walks on the wet floor, the detergent will get on the its paws and he will lick them dry and ingest the toxic detergent.


Chocolate is a product that humans enjoy but which is actually toxic to dogs or cats because it contains certain substances which their bodies cannot break down. Never feed a dog chocolate or scavenge around because dogs do like sweet food and most cats don’t.