Staffordshire Bull Terrier Tips

Select and buy a Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy through the breed association.

If possible, visit several breeders before buying a puppy.

Always ask to see the parent animals’ pedigrees and health records.

Make a purchase contract before buying your puppy.

Attend a puppy course with your dog.

Plan your first car trip as part of the puppies training.

Never buy a puppy if you have not seen its mother.

Specially formulated diet and chews help to keep your dogs teeth healthy.

Make sure your dog does not get too fat and heavy as this is bad for its health.

Plenty of exercise is the golden rule.

Never leave a dog alone with young children.

Do not let your puppy run endlessly after a ball or a stick.

Don’t fight just fleas, also fight the larvae.

Organise a holiday stay or a dog sitter for your Stafford well in advance.