Staffordshire Bull Terrier Food

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier will eat a lot more than just meat. In the wild it would eat its prey complete with fur, bones, stomach and intestines with their semi-digested vegetable material. In this way the dog supplements its menu with the vitamins and minerals it need and is also the basis for feeding domestic dogs.

Basic principles of dog food

Dogs have always been carnivores (meat eaters) but a small part of their diet consists of vegetable material from their preys stomach and intestines. In the past, dogs kept as pets were fed the remains of the family dinner but now they are fed on a diet of dry or canned food.

Important guidelines

Only buy food which has undamaged packaging and if buying in bulk, put the food in a food bin in a dark cool place. Use up or throw away the last bit and clean the bin regularly.

Puppy food

Feed your puppy special puppy food as long as it is growing in length, usually 6 to 24 months.

Adult dog

Choose the food which suits your dog best and adapt the amount you feed to its condition.

Pregnant dog

The amount of food the bitch will require increases from the 6th week of pregnancy, so get expert help from this stage.

Older dog

An older dog’s food requirements change a lot as they will need more digestible food to stimulate the intestines, support the heart, the skeleton and improve resistance to illness.