Staffordshire Bull Terrier Care

Good daily care is important to your Staffordshire Bull Terrier as it is will become less ill.

The coat

Regularly brush and comb the coat and check for parasites. The Stafford has a short, smooth coat and does not need brushing very often but it is important to brush regularly during moulting. Your dog will lose hair all year round and you will find it all over the house, so it is advisable to brush your dog outside to stop the hairs flying all over the place. Make sure that the combs you use are not too sharp and that the brushes are made of rubber or natural hair. Always brush from the head to the toe and regularly check for fleas and ticks.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier only needs bathing when absolutely necessary and only with a special dog shampoo. Keep your dog in until it is completely dry as dogs can also catch a cold. Certain medicinal shampoos for different skin conditions can be obtained from your vet.


Check your dog’s teeth regularly and contact your vet if there are problems. Hard dry food helps to keep your dogs teeth clean and healthy. You can buy special dog chews to prevent build up of tartar and keep the breath fresh. Use a special toothbrush for dogs or a piece of gauze wrapped round a finger to keep your dog’s teeth healthy and start at a young age to get them used to it.


If your dog walks on hard surfaces regularly this will grind the nails down to the right length and stop you having to clip them. Check the length of the nails regularly, not forgetting the fifth nail on the inside of the paw. This nail does not touch the ground and therefore does not wear down itself. If you have to clip them only use special scissors from a pet shop and be careful not to cut the nail too far back.


Clean your dog’s eyes every day as bits of dried tear fluid and sleep will collect in the corners and could cause irritation or an infection. Use your thumb or tissue to clean them.




They must be checked at least once a week and if your dog’s ears are dirty or have too much wax you must clean them. Use a clean cotton cloth moistened with some warm water or baby oil. Do not use cotton wool as it can leave fluff behind and never enter the ear canal with an object. If your dog is shaking or scratching its ears, you need to check for ear mites and see your vet for treatment.