Stud Dog


If you wish your Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog to be used at stud there are many issues to consider.
It is important that only Kennel Club Registered Staffords are used at stud and that the bitches served are Kennel Club registered. Kennel Club registration is the only guarantee that you have the dog’s real history, beware of other organizations offering alternative registrations.

Unless your dog is used regularly at stud, this means a number of times a year, it is possible that he could make a nuisance of himself, it is often says that what the dog doesn’t have in the first place he won’t miss. It is also highly likely that his temperament will change particularly towards other males, who he may see as rivals.

For a dog to be used regularly, it is usual that he will be shown regularly at KC shows and will be seen by bitch owners looking for a dog rather than the other way round.

If you are considering keeping a puppy from a one off mating with your dog you need to consider this carefully. It is an absolute NO-NO to keep two male Staffords together, this could lead to a totally untenable situation. If you keep a bitch puppy, one of them should be neutered to stop any unwanted liaisons.

You may or may not be aware of any hereditary health problems in the breed. These are major issues and all dogs to be used at stud should be tested and passed clear before being used. Please make sure any bitches are similarly tested