Male or Female

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Male or Female

It is entirely your decision which Staffordshire Bull Terrier you choose – male or female, puppy or adult.

A male is more dominant, needs more leadership and will try to boss other dogs about. He will try to boss people about as well if given the chance. The male dog is more dominant in the wild and will always be the leader of the pack.

A bitch is the opposite and sees her master as the leader of the pack.

Ask the breeder for advice as he will know his puppies and will let you visit the litter a couple of times to point out their different characteristics. A dominant dog will need a firm hand, you must make it clear who is boss and that it must obey all the members of the family.

Some people like more than one dog in the house, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are very focused on their master and family but they enjoy being with other dogs. It is not advisable to have two male dogs in the same household because if they fight they will never get on again. Bitches on the other hand get along but two dominant bitches will almost certainly start fighting. A better combination is a dog and a bitch as a dog will endure a bitch with attitude. Obviously they have to be kept apart when the bitch is on heat if you don’t want puppies. It is also best to keep Staffords in separate rooms at night unless they are supervised.

Dogs and children generally get on well together and children can learn how to handle living beings and develop the respect and responsibility of caring for a pet. Never leave a dog alone with young children, especially infants who can crawl as they can frighten a dog with unexpected movement.

Dogs and cats can get on better than expected and both will growl when they are angry but both animals will understand this. Dogs and cats should not share the same food as the nutrients are very different. A dog will not let another animal share its bowl, playing together is fine but eating together is not.